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Suzanne Catty is internationally recognized as one of the modern pioneers in holistic health and aromatherapy.  She is an author, educator and licensed wholistic practitioner....read more

Integrative Wholistic Health with Suzanne Catty

Since 1995 my practice has been providing wholistic health care to clients of all ages. The approach is integrative with the goal to find solutions and results for your complete health in mind, body and lifestyle. Using a personalized combination of approaches from body-work, plant medicine, diet, exercise, through to lifestyle design your health is thoroughly addressed in the manner most appropriate for you.

Treatments may address common issues such as pain, stress, weight management, or may be part of your comprehensive program for optimum health. Empowering clients to both understand and manage their health reduces stress and becomes effortless as prevention takes over from intervention. 

For more on specific Treatment Plans

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Hydrosols in Wholistic Treatments

For those new to hydrosols this lecture will introduce these fascinating aromatics in a practical way. For those already using hydrosols, you will learn about new data, varieties and options for your practice. We will taste, smell and explore this fascinating world and your health will be all the more vibrant for the experience.

Hydrosols offer the practitioner a powerful and useful tool in the wholistic treatment of clients. Their lack of contra-indications makes them safe to use on people of all ages and health conditions and a good option for practitioners and clients of all types and skill levels.  Additionally, their subtle yet active nature means they provide a safe complement to other wholistic protocols and conventional pharmaceutical medical treatments, a major concern today when so many clients may be on multiple medications or treatments.

The basis of wholistic health is that the client is treated as a whole person in contrast to the allopathic approach of treating symptoms or disease. Using hydrosols as part of an over-all health protocol can allow treatment of the constitution or terrain of the individual, improving the bodies own defense system and ability to heal. Hydrosols can also form the basis of a wholistic protocol as they are active enough to address concerns from herpes to dermatitis, ulcers to gastroenteritis and more. 

Finally we must remember that hydrosols are water and as such contain all the potential€™ that our quantum world can give to them. Centuries of work has explored the abilities of water to heal the body from the ancient Egyptians to modern science like the message from water€™ images. After more than a decade of research I believe that hydrosols are perhaps the most magical of all healing waters, imbued with the sacred consciousness of earth, nature and the elementals.


Books by Suzanne Catty

 Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy

The first book devoted exclusively to aromatic hydrosols--gentle,  water-based plant extracts that expand the healing, cosmetic, and  culinary applications of aromatherapy.

Hydrosols remains one of the most important books in the world of holistic health  because it introduces a revolutionary new use of essential oils in  aromatic treatment. Hydrosols, or hydrolates, are the pure, water-based  solutions created when essential oils are steam distilled. Through this  process, a potent, yet subtle form of medicine is created, one that is  able to be ingested as well as applied directly to the skin, unlike most pure essential oils. In fact, hydrosols are considered the homeopathic  version of aromatherapy, and as such are ideal for use with children,  animals, and those with fragile immune systems.

Suzanne Catty  details the specifics of 67 hydrosols, provides formulas to treat more  than 50 health concerns, and offers 40 delicious recipes in which  hydrosols can be used. Her section on pets will help owners deal with  urinary tract and digestive problems as well as grooming and odor  issues. She also shows how hydrosols can be used with other forms of  vibrational medicine and with feng shui, geomancy, and dowsing.  

Aux Petits Maux, Les Nouveau Remèdes                                                

Five health practitioners from five different modalities provide treatments and remedies for 50 of the most common day-to-day health problems. Suzanne Catty writes about aromatherapy with colleagues covering kinesiology, massage therapy, homeopathy and naturopathy.

Ailments are divided up by body systems, respiratory, digestive, muscular and so on, treating conditions from the laryngitis to tendonitis, hangnail to hangover.

An exceedingly useful guide to home treatments and first aid care.


Hot Tea; Cooking with Camellia sinensis 

HOT TEA takes our favourite leaf from the tea-pot to the cook pot. In 50 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes, HOT TEA dishes up everything  from appetizers to desserts, vegan meals to omnivore delights.

“I hope it inspires creativity in the kitchen getting all the benefits tea has to offer our physical health,” says Tea  Sommelier and health practitioner Suzanne Catty, “Cooking  with tea is both healthy and fun.” Whether you brew bags or leaves, Suzanne helps you start with the teas you know, preserving all the nutritional  benefits the world’s number two beverage can offer. HOT TEA will open your eyes  and mouth to a whole new world of flavour from the Camellia sinensis  leaf. HOT TEA more than just a cuppa! 


visit Suzanne’s Author page on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk http://www.amazon.com/Suzanne-Catty/e/B001KJ09SI/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1455909898&sr=1-2-ent



Health Treatment Plans for Specific issues

Weight Control / Healthy Diet:  This 16 week program creating a custom diet and eating plan for your individual needs. Includes a kitchen analysis and cleanse, shopping trips and tips, cooking lessons and recipes. Daily sessions and support to establish a new paradigm around food and weight control. When 35% of the population and 17% of children in N America are obese, we have a problem. Our food supply chain is partially to blame and we must learn a new way of looking at food, cooking and eating.  Online or in-person.

Pain Management: This 5 session in-person program uses multiple drug-free techniques to reduce inflammation and other symptoms while looking to address the cause and reduce its impact. Pain management is one of the biggest medical issues today. The effective but addictive opiod drugs have creaated more problems than help and Dr’s have little to offer patients.  Science is showing that a mind-body approach and drug-free techniques can be as or usually more effective than traditional treatments.

Menopause / Andropause: This 3 session program addresses your specific health needs and wholistic health and lifestyle changes that will help you fly through the change without even buying a flashy new car!. Hormones are powerful drugs and changes in their levels affect us physically and mentally. Menopause and andropause (Male menopause) have significant effects on our physical health including sleep habits, body shape, strength and flexibility and our mental health including mood, self-esteem, sex drive and more. The average andro/menopause lasts 5-6 years and may go on for 10 or more! 


Glorious Greetings to Our Green World

Hydro book



Tisane Master ~ Herbal Tea Education Program

New Class begins Tueday November 15th 2016  register: education @ suzannecatty dot com

The Tisane Master curriculum serves as stand-alone education or as an important adjunct to Tea Sommelier training. It will prepare you for a career in the exploding tea/beverage, hospitality, or wellness industries.

These small, interactive classes are taught by Suzanne Catty, Holistic Clinical Practitioner, Tea Sommelier and Author with over 40 years herbal experience. You will touch, smell and taste important and popular tisanes from around the world while learning what they do; where to source sustainably; and how to best use them in your business and blends. Tisanes or herbal teas, account for nearly 40% of all “tea” sales in North America yet many companies know little about the herbals they sell. You can be the change the industry needs.

Whether you are expanding your knowledge, running your own establishment or just a dedicated lover of all things tea, tisane and herb, we hope you will be inspired to expand your skills as a Tisane Master™.

Curriculum – The Program contains 2 modules and each runs for 6 weeks, 1.5 hrs once a week via on-line platform. Fee is $350.00 per module and both are required for course completion.  A kit of individual herbs is provided and cuppings to be completed each week. The final class of each module are project presentations by the students presented to thir class.


CLASS 101 – 5000 Years of Herbs
*History and Traditions   *The Classic Top 20   *Modern Developments   *Tisane vs Medicinal Tea

CLASS 102 – Professional Skills
*Sensory Development   *Preparation & Brewing   *Bags vs Loose   

CLASS 103 –Meet The Plants I
*Flowers & Leaves

CLASS 104 - Meet The Plants II
*Seeds & fruit

CLASS 105 – Meet The Plants III
*Caffeinated Herbs



CLASS 201 – Quality and Standards
*Sustainability, Organics, Fair Trade   *Identiication & Adulteration   *Processing and handling

CLASS 202 – Meet The Plants IV
*Barks & Roots   *The Heavy Weights

Class 203 -   Meet The Plants V
*Nuts & Heavy Weights   *Additives & Flavours
  *Sweeteners & Candy

CLASS 204 – Blending & Sourcing
*Agriculture & Seasonality   *Where & How to Buy   *The Art of Blending  

CLASS 205 – In The Market
*Structure, Function & Making Claims   *Traditional Use   *Marketing & the Law




About Suzanne Catty

Suzanne Catty is internationally recognized as one of the modern pioneers in holistic health and aromatherapy.  She is an author, educator and licensed wholistic practitioner.  Suzanne grew up learning the importance of plants for healing and food as a normal part of life. Her grandmother worked with Rudolph Steiner for many years and shared her wisdom. Foraging for berries, mushrooms, herbs and other wild edibles was learned from childhood in the context of the balance of nature and the rhythm of the seasons. This interest in natural healing led to her discovering homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, massage and a life long dedication to the gifts of Gaia both for personal health and the health of our environment and planet.

University was followed by sixteen years in the music industry starting in radio, moving into marketing, sponsorship, international and management for artists as diverse as Elton John and Metallica, Run DMC, Aerosmith and Def Leppard, Pulp, Dire Straits and many others. Career sales exceed 20 million albums. The Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle stress levels were kept in check by living off-the-grid, a vegetarian diet (still shocking in 80’s), as well as a steady supply of herbal remedies and as many naps as possible.

It was not until 1991 that Suzanne discovered essential oils and aromatherapy, which “changed everything” as she says.  “Here were plant products and a modality that had a more profound impact on my entire being in one session than anything I had experienced before. I was completely hooked.” Hours of treatments, lots of reading and a lifetime of herb growing and use finally led her to pursue aromatherapy and healing as a career leaving the corporate music world behind. 

Relocating to her native Toronto, Suzanne started ACQUA VITA in 1995, the first 100% organic aromatherapy company in Canada.  She joined the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists in the spring of ‘96 and was elected to the Board later that year.  In 1997 she became President of the Federation and was part of the team responsible for raising education levels to the current 200-hour standard.  In 1998 she was elected Vice-President of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. Catty was also elected to the Organic Trade Association Personal Care Task Forceand spen 7 years helping  set standards for organic personal care in North America.

Her interest in the clinical European-style use of essential oils led Suzanne to pursue the potential of hydrosols almost from the beginning.  “They seemed, to me, to be the homeopathic version of essential oils, no less profound in their healing abilities but less aromatically intense, more subtle.  It also made sense that we must ultimately have both the oil and the hydrosol if we really want the whole plant vibration.  After five years extensive distillation, analysis and use of these products on clients, friends, and both two and four-legged ‘patients’ the data was there proving hydrosols give us a potent wholistic aromatherapy that has significant importance in maintaining and improving health.” 

The results of this work are compiled in her book, Hydrosols. The Next Aromatherapy (Healing Arts Press, Rochester VT, ISBN 0-89281-946-4. 352 pages, 8x10, multiple languages), the first book exclusively focused on hydrosols and their therapeutics. Even 15 years later it is the only writing on the subject to come from a Practitioner.

In 1996 Catty and colleague Susanne Lang created ‘HERS’, Health Empowerment Resource Seminars to supply their well-trained qualified, professional information and the purest products to empower people to take control of their health.  After 1999, HERS became The Aromatic Lyceum offering courses including workshops, intensives and a 350-hour Diploma in Clinical Aromatic Practice.

Following the success of Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy, Catty was tipped to provide the aromatherapy data for a new book, Aux Petits Maux, Les Nouveau Remèdes (Quebec Loisirs, ISBN 2-89568-042-6, 144 pages, French). This handbook provides the medical advice from five natural practitioners for 50 of the most common, basic health issues.

In 2005 recognizing the coming shortages and difficulties in accessing high quality raw materials Catty rebranded her product line under the name New World Organics and reduced her line from >150 products to just 10 multi-function formulas.  Today she says, “It is no longer possible for independent companies to even access the best raw materials, we can’t compete against corporate demands. Remember all our raw ingredients are agricultural products and they may take years to grow, no harvest is ever guaranteed and global demand exceeds supply at least 10-fold. And the competition is worse if we want sustainability or organics!”

With that in mind Catty has altered the focus of her health practice to include more herbal formulas and infusions, particularly Teas.  Her third book HOT TEA; Cooking with Camellia sinensis (Veranda, Martha’s Vineyard, MA, ISBN: 978-1519206473, 122 pages) brings the powerful healing benefits of the tea plant into the kitchen and everyday food. She says, “We are what we eat so let’s make it as good and beneficial as possible. Incorporating teas amps up the mineral and antioxidant values, adds new flavours, improves weight control and, hopefully, inspires more home preparation of delicious meals.”

Ms Catty has volunteered time with professional organizations in Canada, the US, Australia and Japan. She has written extensively on complementary health for consumer publications and professional journals around the world and taught across North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. She continues to provide volunteer and pro bono expertise to diverse individuals and groups working in plant medicine, sustainability and natural health projects. She currently works and lives in dark-sky country just outside Toronto.


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